A fine example of heritage surrounded by chestnut trees and heather


A 5.5 km route

In the municipality of Quiroga, which is also part of the Courel, there is a good sample of holm oak groves surrounded by chestnut trees and queirogas (ericaceae). The Route of the Bees (5.5 km) allows you to visit a spectacular restored oak grove with beehives, which can also be accessed by car. In addition, the Ethnographic Museum of this town houses a complete exhibition on traditional beekeeping.

In the municipality of Quiroga, also belonging to O Courel mountain range, we find exceptional nature sites crossed by ancient trails, hills, devesas (meadows) and crystal-clear rivers with astonishing waterfalls. Pure nature in this protected natural area, in which the Route of Bees is embedded.

By covering the route, one can notice the traces of the past and the social and economic importance of beekeeping in the area. The cultivation of bees and honey is documented in Quiroga since the arrival of the Romans. The honey of this area was stored in honey pots made of clay and was taken to Rome. Nowadays, we can enjoy extraordinary heather and chestnut tree honeys and other healthy bee products.

It is recommendable to visit Quiroga’s Ethnographic Museum since it is a true compendium of the region’s history, culture, traditions and trades represented by the instruments and tools used by ancient dwellers. In particular, it hosts a complete exhibition of O Courel’s traditional beekeeping.

Once the route is finished, we can visit the production centres in the area to sample their offer of organically produced beekeeping products. A good occasion to find out about the honeys from Quiroga and its surroundings is the honey fair of the village, which has been celebrated annually on the 10th of August for thirty years.


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