Project of Apiturismo

The main objectives of the Apiturismo de Galicia (Galician Apitourism) project, fostered by the Asociación Galega de Apicultura (Galician Beekeeping Association), is to highlight the importance of a millenary beekeeping tradition, which is imbued in our rich and abundant ethnography, as well as to draw visitors from all around the world who are willing to find out about a unique apiculture, enjoy beautiful landscapes and discover natural beekeeping products coming from the varied wild flowers found in the Galician valleys, forests and mountains.

This initiative started to be developed in 2019 with the «Apiturismo Xacobeo 2021» project, supported by the Xunta de Galicia through the «O Teu Xacobeo» programme. It consisted in the drawing up of materials for the beekeeping promotion, the carrying out of dissemination activities around Galicia, Spain and abroad, as well as the creation of the Galician Apitourism Information Centre. The goal was to make this new type of tourism known while, at the same time, preparing the different routes around Galicia thanks to the implication of beekeepers and local entities, and the training of the staff in charge of receiving the visitors and designing the routes. Most of the routes are already active as of today; the few remaining ones are to be open in a short time. In order to walk some of these eight routes or organise an apitourism trip about Galicia, those interested may contact the Galician Apitourism Information Centre.

Forum Apiturismo 2021

3rd and 4th July


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