More than Honey!

From bees we can obtain several products: honey, pollen, propolis, wax and royal jelly. There are as many varieties of honeys as plants and combinations between them. Hence, we have an infinite array of colours, aromas and flavours. Galician honeys, coming from wild flowers and craftily put in jars, preserve all of their properties. Every area has its own honey. All of them are extraordinary honeys so we can choose whichever we like best. And the same can be said of pollen.

The European Union has included the «Mel de Galicia» Protected Geographical Indication in the Register of protected designations of origin since July 2007. Galician honeys have been granted a protection at a European level which certifies both their origin and their distinguishable quality. Every year, multiple monographic fairs featuring bee products are held in Galicia. They have the purpose of publicising such products and highlighting the importance of the beekeeping sector as an essential activity for the environment and food production.

Meles de Galicia (Galician Honeys):

  • Flower honey
  • Chestnut tree honey (castiñeiro)
  • Heather honey (breixo- carpaza- carrasco-uz)
  • Eucalyptus honey
  • Bramble honey (silva)
  • Forest honey
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